Online Spiritual Diploma Accredited

Only £34.99 This amazing online course will take you on a journey of self discovery. 

We can all connect to spirit with the right guidance. If you have spiritual charachteristics  (by the fact that you are reading this page says that you do), keep your vibrations high, look after your Chakra health, follow the spiritual laws and practice kindness then you will be on a jouney of connection to your higher self, spirit guides, passed loved ones and the Angel Realm.


What will you learn? 

How to raise your vibrations 

How to protect against low vibrations 

Chakra health 

Guardian Angels 

Spiritual Laws 

Reading cards

How to connect 

Using a dowsing pendulum 


Upon completion of an assessment you will receive an accredited certificate file. 


You can contact your tutor,  Jennifer, at any time. 


To enrol simply use the contact below and state the course in your enquiry 

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