Tuning forks are such an excellent tool in sound therapy. We can offer you acuphonics or biofield clearing 

Tuning forks are a gentle, non-invasive vibrational therapy. Everything in the universe has it’s own unique vibrational pattern, including your body. Each fork vibrates at a specific healing frequency and is designed to bring you into a deeper state of balance. Acupuncture also works with vibrational energy, and tuning forks are most often placed on acupuncture points to activate the point and encourage balance in that particular organ or meridian system. The vibrations relax the nervous system, allowing deeper healing to occur. Some of the benefits of tuning fork therapy include:


Instantaneous deep state of relaxation

Improved mental clarity

Increased energy

Stress relief

Enhances other natural health modalities, such as massage and acupuncture Improved nervous system functioning