Would you like to run a Sound as a Bell FRANCHISE? We are on the lookout for new frachise managers. Thank you for your interest in the opportunity to join our Sound as a Bell team. Sound as a Bell has grown from just one person doing a handful of sound baths per month to 10 therapists covering 150-mile radius performing up to 45 sound baths per month, hundreds of private therapies and delivering weekly training courses. This has all happened in just over one year. The Sound as a Bell brand is well known and extremely respected across Scotland and we are keen to bring our first-class service to England and Wales. However, we wanted to make the set up easier for people since most franchises of this kind have an initial outlay of £10k or more! We want to offer an opportunity of a franchise without the need for an initial cost. Successful candidates will be offered the opportunity to run and represent an area/territory. This will be defined and discussed with yourself to determine how far you are happy to travel and which postal areas you are willing to cover. This will then be your are to run sound baths and you will be the only representative from Sound as a Bell working in your area. You can run as little as four sound baths per month or as many as 20 if you like! We can help you to find suitable venues to hire. We will train you in all aspects of the sound therapy position from teaching you the sound therapy diploma, providing you with a full accredited certificate/qualification. We will teach you how to run sound baths and how to do private sound therapies. Please feel free to see our facebook page where you can view our private therapies and see photos of our sound baths. The course will also include gong therapy should you decide at a later stage to purchase a gong. So you’ll be wondering what the catch is? Well there’s no catch but you do need to own or buy your sound bath equipment. You will need a set of seven crystal singing bowls which start from around £400, 22 yoga mats approx. £250 but you can shop around for these and we can send you links of places we get our bowls and mats from. You will be required to pay for and attend the weekend training course at a cost of £200. Please note this training takes place in Huntly Aberdeenshire. Training takes one full weekend. You will need insurance approc £50 per year. What can you potentially earn? Full time you can potentially turn over £4k to £5k per month but that’s depending on how much time you can offer the sound therapy. We will advertise your area on our uk site and you can run a facebook with the sound as a bell name and logo for your area. In return for our ongoing support and advertising we ask for 15% commission of your monthly turnover. There’s no rush to decide because it takes time to set your area up with setting a training date convenient for you, sourcing equipment, finding venues so it’s usually around four to five months in total to set up a new area. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards Jennifer Law Director.


Areas needed:


Birmingham Bradford Brighton & Hove Bristol Cambridge Canterbury Carlisle Chelmsford Chester Coventry Derby Durham Ely Gloucester Hereford Lancaster Leicester Lichfield London Newcastle-upon-Tyne Norwich Nottingham Oxford Peterborough Salisbury Sheffield Southampton Wakefield Wolverhampton Worcester